behind the camera.


  Ever since I could remember I was taking pictures. When I was younger it was film, disposable cameras, or the famous flip phone photos. As time went on and the digital photography age became popular and advanced, I jumped two feet in. Amazed at how beautifully and clearly you can capture a moment, I started pursuing my passion of photography increasingly in college where I studied art and graphic design. During my college internship with an award winning photographer in Virginia, my love for photography grew to become more than a hobby. I knew I wanted to do this full time. 

     Here I am now, 5 years post graduation and loving every minute of my occupation. I get to meet new people, experience timeless moments, and build long lasting relationships with my clients. 

     Enough about my love for photography! Here's a little more about me! I grew up in Maryland, went to college at Liberty University in Virginia where I studied art, played D1 volleyball, and met the man of my dreams! After graduation in 2014 we got married, moved to PA for his job, moved to Denver CO for 3 years (I LOVED it!), and we are now back in Maryland.

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